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Our parts can be produced in every color in the spectrum.  While many customers are content to simply ask for ‘yellow’ or ‘red’, we can also provide matches to color charts or perform color-matching with any sample item supplied.



Additives can be used to enhance the look of an item by providing a contrast within the plastic.  In the question mark sample shown, silver 'glitter' has been mixed with a translucent blue plastic (polystyrene) to provide contrast both on the surface and within the item.

Hypo Needle #2Image


Additional color effects can be achieved by altering the composition of the base plastic material that is used for the molding.  Instead of using a white plastic that is colored, a transparent plastic can be used.  This results in a finished piece that transmits light. If no colorant is added, like with the hypodermic needle show here, the item is transparent.  If colorant is added, such as with the vase shown on the right, the item will appear similar to colored glass.

Special effects, such as fluorescent colors or glow in the dark material are available for all of our embellishments.  In addition, we can utilize materials that are temperature-sensitive and change color when touched.  This is the same technology used for mood rings.  Similarly, we can utilize materials that change color under different lighting conditions.

Featured Product:  Beaded Heart #O
Beaded Heart #O

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