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All of our products are suitable for optional finishing to enhance their plastic exterior.  In addition, finishes can be combined to provide yet another presentation.  The following finishes are most commonly applied:
Vacuum plating – This results in a reflective finish on the entire piece.  Plated pieces have a metallic look.


Our most requested plating colors are gold (shown on the left) and silver/chrome (shown on the right).  Other colors are available.
For more information on vacuum plating, please visit our vacuum plating pages in the services section.



Painting – Individual pieces can be masked and painted to highlight their details.  The Santa shown is painted in two colors on several points.  Any custom design can be created, allowing an endless variety of options.


 Hot stamping – Items are highlighted with a thin layer of material that coats the portions of the item that are raised the most prominently.  This can be done in a myriad of colors, both reflective and matte.  In the first sample shown on the right, the letters of the words 'To My Valentine' are textured.  When the hotstamping foil is applied, it coats the raised bumps on that texture, amplifying the textured appearance with a reflective gold color.  The second sample uses a simple, white foil.ImageImage

Featured Product:  Skate

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