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Lenticular Animation 

Our Cine-vue lenticular animation provides an attractive enhancement to products and advertisements.  This technology uses a lenticular lens that hides selective portions of a printed image, depending on the viewing angle.  As the viewing angle changes, the image shifts, creating the illusion of movement.  Our experience with this technology, developed over decades, enables us to create various effects within the animation.  Typically, these fall into two categories:

  •  Image motion - this creates the illusion of movement or change as the lenticular is moved.
2-Frame Lenticular
2-Frame Lenticular


3D Lenticular
3D Lenticular
  •  Depth perception - this creates a 3-D effect.

{Note that a computer monitor is not capable of accurately simulating the 3D effect of the lenticular}

The motion lenticulars can be two frames, as shown in the flag sample above, or multi-frame.  Multi-frame lenticulars can result in an image that moves:



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