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Lenticular Options

Flip: Lenticular animations can be designed to shift images when the viewing angle changes vertically or horizontally.  In general, 3D animations are designed to shift as the viewer moves from side to side, and motion animations are designed to shift as the angle is shifted up and down.

Size: Through a variety of processes, we can produce animations from as small as a pea to poster-sized.

Colors: Two-color or four-color CMYK processing.

Processing: Full bleed.

Shape: Our standard shapes are rectangular or elliptical.  Additionally, we create custom dies to any specification.

Backing: Card stock (standard), printed with a custom message, magnetic, pins (for buttons), badges, self-adhesive pressure sensitive, rubber (for mouse pads), or static clings (to stick to a flat, non-porous surface without adhesive).

Transitions:  We are now capable of virtually any transition from one image to another, including:

    • Morphing
    • Fading
    • Wipes
    • Checkboards
    • Fans
    • Curls
    • Shatters
    • etc.


Featured Product:  Pipe, Curved
Pipe, Curved

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